On A Clear Day :: Handy Hints

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Q: How come I can't see everything on my mobile device?
A: The desktop version of this site uses a different theme to that on most mobile devices. Some features don't translate well to small or mobile devices so they are omitted. For the full experience, use a computer, for keeping up on the road, mobile devices let you keep up with the topics and replies.

Q: What's the difference between the Facebook Like and the Facebook Subscribe?
A: Like simply posts a status on your Facebook wall with a link to the page you are viewing. Subscribe takes you to our Facebook page where you are able to follow our posts.

Q:Do I have to be a member to comment?
A:No need to be a member at this stage, however this may change in the future. Subscribing is a good idea if you wish to visit regularly. However currently, new memberships are not available.

Q:What is the difference between Categories and Tags?
A: A Category is a group of articles with a common subject. A Tag is simply a word associated with something in the article. A Tag search therefore will return articles with a common aspect to their content across a number of Categories.

Q: I like this site, how hard is it to set up one for myself?
A: Not hard at all, contact mecontact me or look here for more details.