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DIY Drawers Build

DIY Drawers Project This is a general description with pictures of the DIY drawers for organising storage in my FJ Cruiser. The purpose is to hopefully answer all the questions people ask me, unfortunately not including the measurements. If you are going to build this project, it is important that you take the measurements yourself.

DIY Drawers Back View

Back View The rear seats have been taken out for this project. It allows for the drawers to be deeper and also reduced considerable weight since I have more need for storage than passenger accommodation. Reinforcement using metal plates can be seen, the drawer shell sits on the brackets that held up the seats. If you look closely you will see the head of one of the bolts which goes through the bottom of the timber frame, directly into the seat bracket.

DIY Drawers Front View

Front View The top platform is made up of two sections for ease of construction and removal if necessary. The two bolts visible on the bottom of the shell screw directly into the pre-existing nuts welded into the floor, previously used by the tie-down brackets which have been removed to be replaced on the top platform of the finished product. The height of the drawer shell is level with the side wings which makes a continuous platform from one side to the other.

DIY Drawers Closeup

Closeup A better view of the divider.

DIY Drawers Jack Access

Jack Access The cutout for access to the jack and tools. Removal of the drawer is required but this is easily done in the field.

DIY Drawers Side Access

Other Side Access Access to charging sockets although now redundant as I have duplicated the sockets on top of that location.

DIY Drawers Raw State

Raw State The shell construction completed and the drawers installed ready to be clad with marine carpet. Note: The left drawer needs a little cutout of the facia at the left side to allow it to easily clear the open back door.

DIY Drawers Teflon Runners

Teflon Runners These runners are usually used as skids on boat trailers. They are inexpensive and wear very well. I chose these instead of metal roller slides for a number of reasons: Firstly, metal slides take up space making the drawers narrower. Secondly, they are expensive and fiddly to install. Thirdly, they add weight and have a tendency to rattle!

DIY Drawers Clad and Complete

Clad and Complete I think the finished product looks neat and certainly does the intended job. After the first trip in the field I found gear on top slid forward when braking so a horizontal bar was added to address this.

DIY Drawers in use

In use... Showing how the front panels are slightly bigger for a neat look when closed. A place for everything and everything in its place.

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