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Freedom Machine Rider

Oct 15, 2013 

This short video was filmed through my Contour helmet-cam, the inset clips taken by my niece with her iPhone. (Apologies if you see an advert, that's YouTube's penalty for using a few seconds of a copyrighted song.)

Freedom Machine

It is difficult to describe the feeling of the open road on two wheels to a non-rider. It is also difficult to find someone to take a photo!

These were taken with an iPhone 5s on a small tripod set up on the ground. The timer gives you 5 seconds to get up from the ground (flat on your stomach to line up the shot), run to the bike and set up a nonchalant pose.

Freedom Machine

These photos are presented as taken except for cropping and one very subtle retouch, can you spot it?

Freedom Machine

Mercy sakes alive, looks like we've got us a convoy.