On A Clear Day :: Grinder
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Jan 28, 2012 

A close up study. The subject is centred, in focus and naturally lit from top-right. No post-processing except for a little size reduction for web viewing. Yes, it's a coffee grinder, I remember when I was very young, my grandmother would ask me to grind some beans for her.

I loved the smell of freshly ground coffee. I held the grinder on a wooden chair between my thighs to keep it from moving, I also remember the pain when it lifted slightly and caught skin between it and the chair!

Now when I drink a well made cup memories often come flooding back, although it never smells quite right. Maybe the beans were stronger or perhaps it's missing the aroma of the wood in the little drawer that collected the roughly ground beans.

Now here is a highly modified version, a little distress and a lot of colour adjustments, it's a different photo as well, taking in more of the subject.