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Six Shooter

Jan 14, 2012 

The six shooter, classic Western paraphernalia, and before I get flooded with comments and emails, yes it's a prop, not the real thing although it's very accurate including the weight and mechanisms.

In reality, very few citizens in the old west walked around wearing such a rig, but the romance and established visions of the genre make it difficult to imagine anything else.

Images like this can call up reactions like hate, fear, anger and many others depending on our experiences and opinions either first hand or imposed on us by others.

Or, we associate it with the smell of fresh gun-oil and creaky leather and imagine adventure, a fight for survival, the never ending battle with evil and injustice, or a simple memory of watching the mid-day movie when we were younger.

Whatever our reaction, it is sparked off by the image, a very powerful thing is a photograph.